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PREMIERE: Check Out Kristy Bakano’s First Product

PREMIERE: Check Out Kristy Bakano’s first product

We are flying out with our first product, a beach wrap in the colored feathers of the Ara Macao parrot! The beach wrap is a super light and fast drying body-wrap perfect for the beach and swimmingpool. The wrap-around covers the torso and down to the knees. It is very easy to put on. The fast drying material, made of an environment friendly recycled polyester, does not stick dirt. It comes with an exotic pattern showing the feathers of the tropical american parrot, Ara Macao. Its a pleasure to display the exotic and attractive feathers of the Ara Macao parrot to the world with this our first collection, which invites admiration of the beautiful nature of our Colombian tropical rainforests that shows that life truly does have color! Welcome to join our journey of lifeconfirming clothing!

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